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Article: Mindfulness and Savings

Experienced and knowledgeable craftsmanship
Experienced and knowledgeable craftsmanship

Hmm, the same day, the same newspaper had articles by different authors reflecting like-thinking. It was interesting to note in this current time of economic stress, the business section of the newspaper tie the stress breaker of being "mindful" as a money-saving device just when the Life section touts how to use mindfulness as a stress-buster to gain a calming effect in daily life. The topic of conversation I had with Jim Sizemore last week made use of a combination of these two techniques. He pointed out to me first, that Oregon is an RV Mecca. Then, how, "with several manufactures in Oregon, from travel trailers to the big Prevost Bus conversions," that, "experienced and knowledgeable craftsmen emerge from this production background." This can benefit the customers of Jim and Greg. RV Outfitters and Greg Fulton's Woodwork have a background rich in production experience. They have employed these gained skills to provide their customers with the opportunity for savings as well as the top craftsmanship available. With a bear market about to bottom out, this is an opportunity to grab savings by combining thrift with custom finishing to emerge from this market a winner.

Customer Testimonial
Jim does what he says he will do. His work is completed in a timely manner and he sticks to his estimates.
Chris Jackson, General Manager Coach Sales

With the scenic northwest a beckoning call for visitors, now is the time to combine pleasure with business and get the upgrades wanted in your RV and enjoy the sights! It makes a win-win situation possible. Often we combine business with pleasure; a pleasure trip can be combined with a business trip as well to afford a match-up with experienced craftsmen who will help you to live your RV life more comfortably. With a trip to Bend and a visit with Greg and Jim, one can utilize his time to take an inventory of upgrades and space expansion to support a personalized lifestyle on the road. A tile floor sure helps de-clutter life when there's a lot of enjoyment in trips to the ocean with grandkids and/or a dog! Maybe retro-fitting a room for hobbies with bookcases, desks, or wiring for computers, HDTV, and Blue Ray will make last year's (or a more-years-back) coach fit comfortably and with more elegance than you believed possible. A built-in wine cooler will make a trek through wine country an experience that lasts and continues to give pleasure.

When Tom and his wife wanted alterations on their Beaver, they drove to Bend, made their plans with Jim and Greg, left their coach and flew home. When they flew back, they were picked up at the airport in Redmond by the guys and taken out to their coach. They found the interior was in "white-glove" condition. They couldn't speak highly enough of the service, the work, the upgrades and quality of all that was provided to them. Making the right adjustments to a recreational vehicle can bring the opportunity of living more simply with more focus on what brings deep pleasure to doing it.

Great Utah view from one of our happy customers
Great Utah view from one of our happy customers

Now is a good time to take a pause that will refresh your RV pleasure. Often to do so allows a focused experience that awakens our senses, our awareness, opens our eyes to see things in a different way to make mindful changes. This allows us to de-clutter our desks, lives, or RVs. Be sure to put Bend, Oregon, on your to-do list. Take a break, and combine your investment with some time with Greg Fulton and Jim Sizemore to upgrade with the best!

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