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Article: Coming Attractions: HDTV in your RV

HDTV installed with stereo speakers
HDTV installed with stereo speakers

Probably not many people noticed that analog cell phones just went the way of dinosaurs. Didn’t notice? I bet you won’t be unaware when analog TV broadcasts go out next year. For the first time in fifty years, a new innovative change will affect the way we Americans watch television. When color television broadcast came, it only required viewers to go and purchase a new TV. On February 17, 2009, a law goes into effect, unless delayed by Congress again, to end analog broadcasting from all full power stations with a mandated change to digital broadcasting. This new digital broadcasting method will change both the needs of RVers and home viewers.

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With the proposed cutoff date moving closer, more stations have begun broadcasting in High Definition and many new channels are available to subscribers in HD. High-definition certainly provides a better-quality image than standard television with its greater number of lines of resolution. Presently, hooking HDTV to an antenna produces neither snowy or pale images, nor other old antenna problems that occur with analog television, such as vertical rolling. These new changes make colors more realistic, visual acuity sharper, and bring in surround sound. Then, a renovation of the space or a new location for a flat screen TV makes viewing a pleasure. Theater-quality viewing becomes a reality with the well-fitted addition of a flat panel TV.

While it is presently easy to hook up a High Definition television (HDTV) with a built in digital tuner, next year’s new satellites will require new satellite equipment to receive HD. Adding the necessary electronics can require alterations that experts at RV Outfitters make routinely while ensuring finished products fit and look like original equipment. In an interview about the coming changes, owners Jim Sizemore & Greg Fulton of RV Outfitters pointed out, “This brings us to a whole new ballgame, HD satellite. All new satellite equipment is going to be required in ‘09.” With transmission frequency and satellite changes, old Greg Fulton provides the finest custom woodwork for many RV modifications systems won’t be able to find the new satellites.

When tailoring the area to a new television, RV Outfitters makes sure that everything looks as good as the original cabinet, or better. They make sure the viewing fits your coach or recreational vehicle and your screening pleasure. Electronics, cabinets, even an entertainment center can be added to a coach or existing RV theater system by the knowledgeable engineers at RV Outfitters in Bend, Oregon.

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