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Article: Adding a new HDTV to your RV

When thinking about additions or changes that will make travel experiences more comfortable and enjoyable, new owners are likely to focus on how comfortable watching television is or isn’t in the RV. Customers who are savvy about HDTV recognize that this is truly the movie theater experience and want the same pleasurable viewing in their coach or travel trailer as in a home.

Adding plasma high definition television to the recreation vehicle is just what RV Outfitters specializes in. A large screen HDTV may require chairs a distance anywhere from three or four times the screen height to a distance fifteen times the screen height. This comfort zone often requires rewiring to move the screen and add the additional cables for HDTV.

An HDTV Makes your RV More Relaxing
An HDTV makes your RV more relaxing

Customer Testimonial
The home theater system came out every bit as good as I hoped for. Jim and Greg were easy to work with.
Mike Regen, Country Coach Owner

When customers of RV Outfitters plan for the addition of a well-located HDTV, the possibilities for mounting of the television can be in a converted cabinet, a mount on the wall or from the ceiling, or wherever owners find most relaxing. Some customers, such as Tom and Joanne, heard from fellow travelers along the west coast about RV Outfitters in Bend, Oregon, as the best people for the necessary upgrade. When they headed there with their trade-up coach, they knew what they were looking for was reliable service, knowledgeable workers, and on-schedule work!

When Tom and Joanne made their plans with RV Outfitters, it was decided that a central location in the forward area of the coach would provide the best viewing experience. Tom said he just stepped back and let them get on with their work and stayed out of their way. When I spoke with him, he was sitting and enjoying watching TV. After having run down the west coast and escaping the cold that was just behind them, he was relaxing with the afternoon news, an easy choice while waiting to go to dinner with friends.

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